Logsafe GPS Monitoring & Safety Management System for the Forestry Industry

Our revolutionary logging safety system has been designed to help provide greater safety for logging workers and prevent accidents within the harvesting and cable logging industry.

The patented forestry safety management system combines GPS tracking, mapping technology, digital radio, data measurement and reporting, as well as tracking monitoring software that operates through a powerful computer system in the logging hauler.

The workplace safety of forestry workers, particularly in the cable logging environment, has and still remains a serious problem in New Zealand, with far too many injuries and deaths occurring every year. Here at Logsafe, we are committed to reducing logging casualties and are confident our state-of-the-art forestry safety management system will make the industry a safer place to work.

Logsafe’s powerful cable logging safety system offers many welcomed features, including breaker-out location monitoring with alarm system, tree faller location monitoring and comprehensive logging hauler operator performance reporting.

Img Logsafe Safe Retreat

Safe Retreat Management

Monitor the location of forestry breaker outs on the computer screen and help keep them away from the logging no-go zone with an alarm system.

Faller Monitoring

Locate the exact position of your logging faller anytime and receive notification of an emergency situation with our GPS faller monitoring system.

Performance Reporting

Capture extraction performance information and help boost your harvesting and cable logging business productivity.

Keep Your Team Safe

Get to know more about how Logsafe breaking out safety system can help your breaker outs stay away from the moving ropes.

Monitor Your Faller

Find out how LogSafe GPS tracking system can help you locate the position of your logging faller, and notify you of an emergency situation.

Keep Your Business Productive

LogSafe can provide you with reports to help streamline logging safety reporting and assist with forestry management decisions.

LogSafe Forestry Safety System in Action

Watch how Logsafe is helping to protect forestry workers in New Zealand

Help Your Forestry Business

Logsafe is a GPS forestry safety system developed to protect loggers and reduce injuries in the harvesting and cable logging industry

Logsafe GPS forestry safety system provides tools and information to help manage your business