Logsafe is a GPS forestry safety management system designed to support forestry workers and also reduce the dangers associated with the harvesting and cable logging industry.

Our revolutionary logging safety system tracks and monitors those on the ground and gives visual aides to hauler operators working up above, consequently making the logging workplace a safer place.

Up until now, communication and safety systems within the forestry industry were made up of toots, alarms and radios. Our state-of-the-art GPS monitoring and safety management system is designed to plug the holes in an industry continually plagued by injuries and deaths to logging workers.

Logsafe forestry safety system

Here at Logsafe we are trying to address the key danger areas in forestry – breaking-out and falling – the two major daily activities carried out in the harvesting and cable logging industry. The logging industry has been demanding tools like those offered by Logsafe for years to provide more support and safety to loggers on the ground.

Logging faller monitoring goes beyond the traditional faller radio check-in system and allows for significantly faster response times to injured fallers in emergency situations.

Along with emergency buttons that transmit GPS co-ordinates to a monitor, the Logsafe system has a “man down” alarm that beeps if the handset is on an angle of less than 45 degrees more than two minutes and activates emergency alerts if the faller doesn’t get up within 30 seconds.

The forestry safety system is compatible with any harvesting and cable logging system and is currently used on forestry sites in Northland, Dunedin, Gisborne and Tokoroa.

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