See logging breaker-out location onscreen and see proximity to moving ropes.

Receive alarm notifications of No Go Zone entries

Forestry hauler operator and breaker-outs both receive alarm alerts.



Change safe retreat distance and zone classification in seconds.

Why is this important?

Breaking-out is tough & demanding work. Dealing with the hazards and challenges in a typical day in the harvesting and cable logging environment can be exhausting – slope, undergrowth, sliding logs, rolling debri, and moving ropes. It’s easy for a breaker-out to become tired and lose focus on retreating to the correct position while the ropes are moving. This mistake is a contributing factor to many forestry breaking-out injuries.

Encourage communication

Update settings to suit logging pulling conditions in seconds. Encourages discussion and proactive forestry hazard management.

Improve accountability

“What gets measured gets managed”. Measure and discuss forestry safe retreat performance with breaker-outs.

Reduce hauler operator stress

Confirm logging breaker-out location onscreen before going ahead with the drag.


Why is this important?

Traditional forestry systems rely on physical markers to designate the safe retreat line. Markers must be continually moved which is slow and irritating for the logging breaker-outs. The markers only provide a visual guide, and no safety warning system or means of measuring entries into the no go zone. The logging hauler operator also usually can’t see the breaker-outs, so relies on radio communication and toot signals before going ahead with the drag – until now there has been no means to confirm the actual breaker-out location and monitor proximity to moving ropes.


No extra equipment for the breaker outs

GPS and Logsafe software built into the digital radio.

Custom built for logging

Custom built for logging

Patented system with data & radio software, and heavy duty hardware. Waterproof digital radios, all day battery life and accurate GPS signal.

Help protect the team on the hill